I entered my first dog show in 1968, at the age of eight, and was hooked for life. In 1979 I joined the Canadian Kennel Club and have been a continuous member ever since. My first breed was the English Cocker, followed by the German Shepherd. I’ve shown several dogs to their championships and trained two in obedience for their companion dog titles.

I got my first Cavalier in 1990 and have never looked back. Despite my many years of enjoying dogs as a hobby, I’ve bred only occasionally.

My goal is to always breed for pretty, healthy, love sponges. Showing is a goal, but not my first priority. Our dogs live in our home as pets. We typically breed once a year and the puppies are very well socialized. They receive early neurological stimulation, followed by exposure to a variety of people, surfaces and situations.

Cavaliers need their people in order to retain their happy outlook. They are best suited to homes where someone is around most of the day. They want to truly share your life. Always up for a walk or car ride, they are equally happy keeping you warm while you read a book. They like TV, especially shows with lots of animals, and prefer a fenced backyard with a large squirrel population. If you meet their requirements, you couldn’t ask for a better pet.

Due to the current popularity of Cavaliers, most breeders get a lot of inquiries. It is a good idea to be very specific in your emails about what you are looking for. My contact page has a questionnaire which saves me a lot of time.  It is not as personal a touch as would be ideal for a first contact but experience has taught me that most people don’t read the text on the site so I was getting a lot of nuisance email. I don’t breed very often but when I have a litter it will be mentioned on the homepage.  Good luck in your search for the right dog.

Judy Temple