Our goal is to breed and to live with, healthy, happy, Cavaliers. To this end, our dogs are checked by cardiologists and ophthalmologists, as well as our regular veterinarian. Breeding stock  have their hip x-rays sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for grading by specialists and their patella clearances can also be found on the  site.  All our dogs have been MRI scanned. This allows us to choose suitable mates. They also take part in the research into CM/SM. We DNA test so that we don’t produce Episodic Falling or Dry Eye/Curly Coat Syndromes.  Feel free to view the documentation when you come to visit us.

Dogs, like humans, have a complex blend of genes. Nobody can promise you that your puppy will live his life free of disease, but healthy parents and grandparents are a step in the right direction.  Do your research on the health of any breed you choose.

We work with other breeders who are dedicated to gradually improving the odds against our dogs developing early MVD or the pain conditions that are associated with CM/SM.  Most Cavaliers do enjoy a normal canine life span, despite the heart issues that arise.  Most of our own seniors have made it into their early teens.

Our dogs receive core vaccines only. I will share my views on the subject with puppy buyers. Ultimately, they will have to talk to their vet and decide which protocol to follow.